Ashtanga Yoga Puerto Rico

200 Hr. & 300 Hr. Teacher Training

Our Progressive Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Immersion program is a practical training designed to make you a knowledgeable and effective Progressive Ashtanga Yoga Teacher. You can start with minimal experience in yoga! We promise you will finish with the needed tools and skills to excel!

200 Hour Certification Dates for 2023 To Be Announced Soon!

We provide a system that allows modifications and variations to encourage growth and sustainability in all level of students. Our training includes the opportunity to practice the traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga primary and secondary yoga asana sequences as well as non-traditional variations that come from Rocket® Vinyasa Yoga. The routines range in skill level from the basic beginner to the most advanced.

You have the opportunity to complete the 500 hour course in 5 Phases to allow more accessibility and time to understand and experience the practice by going only one stage at a time. We do encourage each student to register for a complete certification program in either 200 RYT or 300 RYT status. Our 300 hour Certification is by invite only and requires students to have a minimum of 3 years of tutelage with David Kyle.

Course Outline for the 200-300 Hour Courses

PRANAYAMA: Breathing Exercises and Philosophy

  • Ujjayi Breath – theory and practice
  • Working with breath in Ashtanga vinyasa sequences for beginners and advanced.

History of Ashtanga Yoga

  • Patanjali
  • T. Krishnamachayra
  • Pattabhi Jois
  • Larry Schultz
  • Modern Influences
  • History in Ashtanga Yoga
Chakras / Kriyas / Bandhas

  • Names and functions
  • Locations and importance
  • Naulis – theory and practice
  • Neti Pot – theory and practice
  • Bandhas – theory and practice


  • Names (sanskrit and english)
  • Suryanamaskara A and B – theory and practice.
  • Standing, seated, and finishing asanas of the Primary Series and *Secondary Series (300 hour training) with a detailed breakdown of the poses.
  • Asanas of the Progressive Rocket Vinyasa Yoga sequences with a detailed breakdown of the poses.
  • Benefits of the asanas.
  • Verbal, Visual and Physical adjustment techniques.

Progressive Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga System

  • Practicing and teaching the sequences:
  • Short and Therapeutic Series (200 hour training)
  • Full Primary Series (300 hour training)
  • Modifications of Primary Series (200 hour training)
  • Full Second Series (300 hour training)
  • Mixed Levels Routine/ Intro Rocket® 1 (300 hour training)
  • Rocket® 2 (300 hour training)
  • Rocket® 3 (300 hour training)

Becoming a Teacher

  • Principles of teaching
  • Etiquette/ responsibility in the classroom
  • Finding your own voice as a teacher
  • Developing a personal teaching philosophy
  • Marketing yourself as a teacher
  • Opening your own studio! (300 hour training)

200 Hour Certification

Where you begin!

Our 200 Hour Ashtanga and Rocket Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training can be for the complete beginner who is just learning about the wonders of Yoga or the seasoned veteran who is looking to add a specific lineage to their teaching methodology. We start all our trainings with in-depth study of Sun Salutations and the standing series of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. This is an excellent beginners series and can lay the foundation for gentle forms of yoga sequencing or prepare the student for more advanced asana expressions. We also begin developing the voice through scripting and mind-body journaling. This course shares history of yoga both in a classical sense as well as from a modern/contemporary view point. Introduction to structural anatomy and the "art of touch" or yoga adjustments will be covered to prepare the student for in house clinics when the trainers work directly with the student body at Ashtanga Yoga Puerto Rico.

For the final portion of the training, students will learn seated vinyasa, over half the primary asana and a finishing series that is complete with breathing exercises and mediation techniques. This will prepare the teachers to be able to not only teach introductory classes but also complete 60-75 min beginners/intermediate! Students will explore deeper into the Anatomy of the body through the specific yoga asanas that we practice in Ashtanga Yoga.

We also cover Yoga Philosophy which is introduced via Patanjali and other choice philosophers of the past and present. Our program covers all the basics with out over whelming the mind for a soft entry into the journey of yoga.

The Progressive Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Basic Certification can help inspire years of practice and gives the graduate an specific method to offer their friends and family. We also introduce students to the "Rocket®" Vinyasa Yoga System, which is the perfect balance of creativity and exploration! Your Yoga Alliance accredited RYT-200 is provided upon completion!

300 Hour Certification

For those looking to advance!

We have open enrollment for our 300 Hour Program which is divided into smaller 100 and 50 hour blocks. Students over time can choose the teacher and the time that fits them best!

We encourage students who are new to Ashtanga methods and teaching to start with our 100 hour "Ashtanga Review" This is open to students who have an existing RYT-200. The Full Primary and Secondary series should already be set to memory before you start or feel free to spend as much time as you need to become confident in both practice and teaching the full Primary and Intermediate series of Classical Ashtanga Vinyasa. Students are not required to be physically proficient in all the asana, but should show comfort in the sequence and self-led practice style. Each student is encouraged to practice through the entire series to their ability in the progressive methodology.

The final 200 hours is "Rocket® Yoga: As It Is" our Foundations and Advanced levels. This phase is often separated into parts that are 50 hours or there is opportunity to take a 100-hour intensive course /retreat. These trainings cover level 1 and 2 inside the Rocket system which teaches both an introduction to the Rocket Vinyasa Yoga System as taught by Larry Schultz and more Advanced sequencing techniques as taught by David Kyle.

These trainings cover the 3 basic sequences referred to as Rocket® 1, Rocket® 2, and Rocket® 3 as well as encouraging students to practice variations that are unique to the Progressive Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga trainings.

These trainings only prepare teachers to be able to led Master Classes and Workshops. Graduates are not allowed to led teacher trainings in Rocket Vinyasa or offer CEC's. This is only allowed for License Rocket Vinyasa Teacher Trainers.

The final portion of our 300 RYT is called "Path to Independence", which is an internship where teachers become assistants to other licensed Rocket Teacher Trainers who are offering this course. Through mentorship students learn to offer Rocket Vinyasa on a higher level through workshops and teacher Training possibilities with license. These trainings are spread throughout the year and offered to no more than two assistants per training. Student must commit to the full stage and be present everyday. Let us know about your schedule and plans for the future and we can help you build the path to a successful yoga journey!

Where do I start?

200-hr Progressive Ashtanga Vinyasa Certification

Beginners start with our 200-Hour Progressive Ashtanga Yoga Program which gives attention and detail to developing the inner teacher and authentic voice of the student. Primary Series asana are learned and dissected to make the student an effective messenger for others in the process of sharing their yoga. Many fundamental practice and teaching skills are covered in this level of training. If students have no prior background in yoga, then they have to start here. If students have and existing 200 hour certification that is recognized by Yoga Alliance and Ashtanga Yoga Puerto Rico, then they may be able to pass this phase and proceed to the Advanced 300-Hour program, but Ashtanga Vinyasa background is strongly advised.

300-hr Progressive Ashtanga Vinyasa Certification

This program is for students who have completed the 200-Hour Progressive Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Immersion or a Yoga Alliance approved training that has been submitted to our school for approval. This program offers the opportunity for the student to deepen their understanding with a 100-Hour "Ashtanga Review" and 200-Hour Rocket® Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training" and the final assistant program is called "The Path to Independence" where we will share our expertise about leading workshops, teacher trainings, international conference events as these teaching skills are different than regular led asana classes.

Learn to teach holistically with Progressive Ashtanga Yoga so you can address all types of students from beginners to advanced. These trainings will broaden your offerings to the yoga community as a more complete teacher with a solid system that is proven to produce results. Learn to build your image and teachings to offer classes at conferences, larger yoga events, and international studios. The 300-Hour Progressive Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Immersion will put you on the path to becoming a "teachers teacher"!

Many of the teachings are done through an internship style within David's studio or during trainings and workshops that host David all around the world.

The interest in yoga is growing along with the demand for qualified yoga teachers, so if your looking for an edge in the yoga world away from the normal paint by numbers yoga trainings that are out there today, then give us a call to ask a few questions and "Let the training begin!" Our trainings are designed to fit each individual’s goals in yoga. Let us help you manifest your dreams!

200-hour Certification

200 Hours in Progressive Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Immersion for Primary Series and Rocket 1
non-refundable, but transferable
***Housing not included
300-hour Certification
Open Enrollment Prices Vary
300-hour Progressive Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Certification
Open Enrollment for all events!
Our 300 hour program is hosted all over the world by different studios and sometime in retreats. Each location holds registration individually!