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Studio Teachers

David has trained hundreds of beginning students and teachers in the 200 hour status. Over the years The Progressive Ashtanga Yoga System has allowed David to offer these students a place to continue their education and move towards the 500 hour status as a professional Yoga facilitator!


Meet our Teachers


David Kyle

Owner / Head of Teacher Trainings

David found yoga like most of us; he gave his trust to someone who told him it would be good for him to try it out. The first few experiences with yoga gave David an extremely profound sense of trust. Trust in himself. Yoga has become a deep journey for David, one that pulls at the roots of self-realization. What, When, How, Why, Where…. Everything begins with a question and not everything ends with an answer. David infuses his teachings with a sense of happiness and acceptance of the present moment. Yoga will always bring stillness to the body and mind, which offers that space of happiness and presence.

In 2011, Lua Nox Kyle Sallaberry, was born and followed by Dalai David Kyle Sallaberry in 2012. All of David's hard work has come to fruition by blessing him with a lovely family and now he understands what is meant by family life being the "7th Series!" Now it is Lua and Dalai that keeps David present as he keeps his sail lifted to the changing winds of life!

Manuel Oria

Manager / Led Teacher Trainer

Manuel found his love for the practice during his college years as an alternative way to maintain a healthy lifestyle when dealing with academic stress. Soon he realized Ashtanga Yoga was all his body and soul were seeking. After finishing his Bachelor's degree on Natural Sciences in 2014, he decided to train with David Kyle for the 200 hours Progressive Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga YTT.

As a lover of science and knowledge, Manuel keeps the practice part of his lifestyle were he uses daily challenges on and off the mat as tools to evolve on his individual journey. His teaching philosophy comes from this personal experiences that make him grow day by day. His classes resemble the young and driven spirit he carries and the love for the practice he keeps cultivating.


Wilda Morales

Senior Teacher

Wilda started her journey into Yoga while looking for something that would help her cope with the recovery of thyrod illness, surgery, and depression. She felt so in tune with her body and mind and the peace that she found in the practice that she decided to deepen her practice and took the teacher training at Ashtanga Yoga Puerto Rico with David Kyle and Elizabeth Salaberry.

Wilda is former ballerina of Ballet Concierto de Puerto Rico and a ballet teacher in different dance studios in P.R. She is also a certified Zumba (ZIN) instructor. Wilda now teaches yoga at 8:00pm at Ashtanga Yoga Puerto Rico and Zumba at a rehabilitation home for women recovering from drug and alcohol addiction.

Chana Cohen

Senior Teacher

Chana Cohen moved to Puerto Rico in 1985 from Israel after honorably serving as an officer in the Israel Defense Force for almost four years. It was there where she verily focused her passion of the martial arts and healthy living. She has spent her time in Puerto Rico raising three children and growing a successful vacation rental business. It was actually Talia, Chana’s daughter, that introduced her to Yoga and has been in love with it ever since. At the time, Chana had been in and out of the hospital regularly in pain and discomfort. She remembers that time as her lowest point. Through the physical practice of yoga, pain slowly started disappearing. Sleep came easier. Continuing on her journey, she was overcome with a sense of peace; she started communicating with others and herself better. It was truly a physical and mental restoration. Ten years later, Chana looks back on her time as a beginner with fond memories.

In 2007, under the direction of David Kyle, founder and co-owner of Ashtanga Yoga Puerto Rico, she became certified as a yoga instructor. The spiritual life has now become commonplace in her daily routine. Yoga has taught her that the physical, emotional, and spiritual are all connected. Practice and discipline should be applied to any and every aspect of life. See Chana's Website at


Elizabeth Sallaberry


Elizabeth has owned and operated Ashtanga Yoga Puerto Rico for over 17 years and is a senior teacher and the head manager. Don't miss her class!